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Attractive pricing

About our prices we can be very short: they are attractive! Our hour rate for image editing and clipping services is € 24,50.

We invoice on a monthly base. We only charge the real time (in minutes) we worked for you in that month. In case we didn’t do any work for you in a month, we won’t charge you. The minimum invoice amount is € 24,50. All prices mentioned are ex VAT and in EURO. We deliver all services in accordance with the general conditions of GO! Grafi Offshore.

High quality, fast delivery

You make demands on high quality? So do we! We work with handmade paths and masks, according to the standards of the graphical industry. We work fast, professional and very accurate! Even the finest hairs are not overlooked. Our graphical experts work with the newest graphical software and are trained on a regular base. About the quality we deliver we can be short: it is high!

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